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We offer replacement parts for all brands of ratchet wrenches!

The Ratchet Wrench Parts You Need to Get Back to Work Fast

Replacement Parts for All Brands of Ratchet Wrenches - partsNot sure what's wrong with your ratchet wrench?

As a leading manufacturer and repair service provider for a wide range of ratchet wrench brands, we are equipped to determine what part you need. Simply reach out to us and we will work with you to identify your damaged part and provide quick turnaround for providing a replacement or repair.


Browse the most popular replacement parts we offer:

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Wrench Sockets
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& Speeds
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Ratchet Heads
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Air Motor
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Power Units
& Adaptors
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How to Order Replacement Parts and Components

Select desired part and component as follows:

  • For the power unit, use entire part number (ex. 7LLU1).
  • For the adapter, use entire part number (ex. K1718).
  • For ratchet head, use the part number (not the code, ex. AA1216), plus the last two digits of the socket code.
  • For the socket or other individual parts, use the entire attachment number (ex. 121614).

If you have any questions on how to determine the ratchet wrench or parts for your needs, please contact us today!

Problem with Your Ratchet Wrench? We Have You Covered!

With our comprehensive knowledge of ratchet wrenches and the capability to fabricate a huge range of replacement parts, it's rare we can't find a solution for your damaged tooling. When you choose D.E. Rogers & Associates, Inc. for your ratchet wrench repair, we can help you pinpoint the exact problem you are experiencing and have your tool back to you within a week. The best part is we won't even charge you for our labor, just the cost of the replacement part!

Learn More About Our Repair Services

Find the perfect tool for fastening in a tight spot! Contact us today with questions, to determine what part you need, or to order one of our custom ratchet wrenches. We look forward to serving you!