D.E. Rogers & Associates, Inc. Manufactures a Wide Range of Ratchet Wrench Sockets in All Sizes

Custom Manufactured Ratchet Wrench Sockets - Standard & Specialized - socket-illustrationWe offer both standard and specialized sockets, as well as other ratchet wrench accessories.

Sockets are available for order either as part of a complete tool, an attachment replacement or as individual replacement parts. Our sockets are compatible with most brands of ratchet wrenches, including Cooper, Gardner Denver, Apex, Cleco and Ingersoll-Rand. We manufacture each socket individually from the highest quality steel at our in-house machine shop, located in Southeast Michigan.

The following types of socket are available for direct order: 

  • Hex Sockets
  • Single Square Sockets
  • Double Square Sockets
  • Shoulder Sockets
  • Open End Sockets
  • Extended Sockets - One Side
  • Extended Sockets - Both Sides
  • Power Socket Adapters
  • Magnetic Sockets
  • Blind Hex Sockets
  • Threaded Sockets
  • Grooved Sockets
  • ‘A’ Construction Sockets

Sockets come in a wide range of sizes and specifications. Please browse our catalog for a full list of available sockets and sizes.

View Socket Catalog (PDF)

Instructions For Identifying and Ordering Replacement Sockets

Socket numbers have six digits and the possibility of several suffixes. The first four digits are identical to the four digits of the attachment numbers, and therefore do not need to be repeated when ordering complete attachments. Only the last two digits are required when ordering an attachment, but all six are needed if ordering an individual socket replacement part. These digits indicate a specific hex size, regardless of side plate width or attachment thickness. Even numbers are always single hex, and odd numbers are always double hex. 

Example Numbering:

  • 161816 = 1” wide side plates, 9/16” thick, 1/2” single hex
  • 201516 = 1-1/4” side plates, 15/32” thick, 1/2” single hex

Socket Suffix List:

  • ER - Extended Right Hand – (Indicate Length in 16ths)
  • EL - Extended Left Land – (Indicate Length in 16ths)
  • EB - Extended Both Sides – (Indicate Length in 16ths)
  • MS - Magnetic Solid (Indicate Hex Depth)
  • HM - Magnetic Hollow (Indicate Hex Depth and Thru Hole)
  • BH -  Blind Hex (Hex Part Way Thru)
  • T – Threaded (Indicate Thread Size)
  • G – Grooved
  • SS – Single Square
  • DS – Double Square

Full Example Order:

161315-EB 8 = 1” wide side plates, 13/32” thick, 7/16” double hex, extended both sides 1/2"

Do you need help determining which type of socket you need? Don’t hesitate to contact us today for assistance. We’re always happy to help!